Americana Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon – November 2022

The Whiskey:-

Our first single cask, only 72 bottles have been created….and we all get to try it!

Americana is a new American whiskey-focussed independent bottler, that has chosen a similar route to many of the American brands we see and enjoy today, by launching using whiskey distilled by the Midwest Grain Products (MGP) distillery…..just search “Whiskey Brands That Are Made at MGP” and you’ll be amazed. This probably makes MGP the most important distillery in America and one we need to taste.

This high wheat bourbon has a mash bill of 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Malted Barley, to showcase what wheat brings to whiskey.

The Distillery:-

Whiskey is so much more than a liquid, it has soul, history, traditions and emotion that it shares with every drop. Americana are here to share these whiskey experiences with you.


Americana are not a distillery and neither do they want to pretend to be, they are here to collaborate with the great whiskey makers across the States to showcase the greatness they create. Americana sources delicious barrels of properly aged American whiskey, bringing them to the UK to bottle and share to all to enjoy.

All bottlings are always non-chill filtered and natural colour.

Where to buy:
Summerton Whisky Club will be opening up it’s shop for non-Members for Black Friday, when all will be able to purchase this and other bottles from Americana Whiskey) SHOP HERE

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BrandAmericana Whiskey
LocationLawrenceburg, Indiana, USA
ExpressionSingle Barrel Wheated Bourbon Whiskey
Age5 Years Old
Casks UsedNew American Oak