Mars Shinshu – Kasei Blended and Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Japanese Whiskies – October 2021

The Whiskies:-

The Whisky Pioneer October 2021 delivery – two 6cl bottles from Mars Shinshu Distillery

Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Whisky

Named after an iconic mountain within the Japanese Alps near the Mars Shinshu Distillery, Cosmo is a vatting of Japanese single malt whisky created at both this distillery and undisclosed Scotch whiskies, that is rested in casks at the distillery after blending to marry the flavours and create their blended malt style, which has a heavy emphasis on the aroma.

The rise in popularity of Japanese whisky in recent years after the reduction in production volumes in the nineties led to a shortage of supply and the need for imports to supplement their own levels. This means the use of Scotch and other world whiskies is widespread in Japanese whisky, however without this Japanese whiskies would be inaccessible, both in terms of scarcity and price.

Kasei Blended Whisky

In Japan a whisky highball is an extremely popular drink. We have included a second whisky for you to experience this part of Japanese drinking culture. Two ingredients are required, 1/4 whisky and 3/4 mixer, which are chilled in advance. Soda water is usually used, but if that’s not for you ginger ale is a good alternative.

Kasei, which means Mars in Japanese, is a blend of ten whiskies – including a Japanese single malt from the Mars Shinshu Distillery, the same undisclosed Scotch malt whiskies used in Mars Maltage Cosmo, grain whisky and granite-filtered spring water from Mount Kiso.



The Distillery:-

Mars Shinshu Distillery


Founded in 1985, Mars Shinshu Distillery is located at 800 meters above sea level, making it Japan’s highest distillery. With temperatures dropping to -15°C in Winter and hot temperatures in Summer, these extreme climate conditions influence the flavours and slow maturation of whisky and instigate an Angel’s share of between three and four percent per year. Distillation utilises granite-filtered spring water from Mount Kiso.


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LocationShinshu, Miyadamura, Japan
Dram 1Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Whisky
Dram 1 AgeNAS
Dram 1 ABV43%
Dram 1 Casks UsedMadeira, Sherry, Port, Bourbon and American Oak
Dram 2Kasei Blended Whisky
Dram 2 AgeNAS
Dram 2 ABV40%
Dram 2 Casks UsedNew American Oak, ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry