Stork Club Straight Rye Whiskey – JANUARY 2022

January Whiskey (1/2):-

Germany’s first rye whiskey distillery was founded in 2004 and taken over in 2016 by Steffen Lohr, Sebastian Brack and Bastian Heuser. In 2019 Stork Club Rye Whiskey was named World’s Best Rye Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards.

Stork Club distillery is located 60km south of Berlin in the middle of a nature reserve, from where they source their water to add to the rye that is grown locally, in this instance 100% unmalted rye.

The Distillery:-


Stork Club craft their whisky very traditionally, and yet love breaking with conventions, which led to them creating Germany’s first rye whisky distillery! Whisky made of rye has a unique character. It is spicy and aromatic, and has a slight, natural sweetness. They only use the German rye.


The basis of Stork Club whiskey is rye from the surrounding fields. They procure this rye from agricultural cooperatives of regional farmers. This makes sense because Brandenburg is Europe’s biggest growing region for rye and is globally known for its quality. Even well-known American rye producers purchase their rye here in Brandenburg because of its highly regarded quality!

The process

They mill rye on site in a hammer mill, according to their specifications, before blending it with hot water. The mash is pumped without any further filtration into fermentation tanks where they add two selected yeast strains. The sugar from the mash will now ferment for approximately four to five days, and the mash turns into a kind of beer (without the hops) with approx. 8–10% vol. alcohol. This “distiller’s beer” is then pumped into a small 1,000l capacity hybrid still, where they gently distill it to procure their rye’s bold flavour.

New makes

Stork Club have created two individual mash bills.

Mashbill No. I – “Bold & Spicy”: 100% unmalted rye. This new make impresses with its peppery fruitiness and yields a fruity and spicy whisky.

Mashbill No. II – “Sweet & Mellow”: 100% rye malt – this new make impresses with its malty sweetness and yields a soft, chocolatey and sweetish whiskey.

Stork Club fill their barrels with new make at 60% vol. alcohol before they mature in their warehouses for several years.

The aging process

Stork Club whiskeys are developed in different barrel types, and married with each other before filling, in order to evolve complexity, character and the typical STORK CLUB flavour. For this, they use first fill barrels made of American oak and German oak. Each of our barrels has received a heat-treatment (toasting and charring).

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BrandStork Club
LocationSchlepzig, Germany
ExpressionStraight Rye Whiskey
Casks UsedVirgin American oak heavy toast (80%) / Virgin German Napoleon oak heavy toast (20%)