The English Distillery Small Batch Virgin oak

The Whisky:-

A first taste of a future release…

delicious single malt whisky is part of The English Whisky Co’s Small Batch series, it will be limited to only 2800 bottles worldwide and due for public release on 7th September.

For many years The English have sourced their Virgin American White Oak casks direct from the same cooperage in Kentucky, USA, as the quality is second to none, and in their experience work perfectly with the English Distillery spirit – Enjoy!

The Distillery:-

The English Distillery is England’s oldest registered whisky distillery. Founded by the Nelstrop family in Norfolk in 2006, the distillery is still independent and creates multi-award winning whisky from honest, local ingredients.

The distillery has a unique place in history. In 1901, the last recorded whisky distillery in England swapped from whisky to gin production before being destroyed by fire. This saw the end of whisky making in England until The English Distillery was granted a licence to distil whisky by HMRC.

In 2006 it became the first registered, operational whisky in England in over 100 years.

Where to buy:

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BrandThe English Distillery
LocationNorfolk, England
ExpressionSmall Batch Virgin Oak Single Malt Whisky
Casks UsedVirgin Oak