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Casks Used


Saint-Sauvant, France

Single Malt French Whisky


3-4 years

New and refill 350l French oak barrels

The Whisky:-

Coperies is a French Single Malt produced by cognac producer Merlet, who use a 2,500l Charentais copper still, which is common in the region for cognac production. The French oak casks they use are also the same as used for cognac, coming from the Limousin and Tronçet (Allié) forests. Their new make is first aged in new barrels for around a year, before being transferred into casks that have previously stored whisky. A small percentage of the liquid is also finished in different casks (cognac, muscat or fortified wines), to bring complexity and a touch of sweetness.

The Distillery:- 

The Merlet family has been distilling cognac for five generations, since 1850. Until the fourth generation and the 70’s, they were only distilling for major cognac houses, and didn’t sell their bottled production. When Gilles Merlet took over the distillery in 1973, the context was difficult for cognac and he started other productions to diversify activities. 


One of them was to plant blackcurrant bushes to grow the berries. He then decided to produce and bottle his own blackcurrant liqueur in the early 80s, which was the first Merlet branded spirit ever launched. He developed from there a range of different fruit liqueurs until the years 2000. In 2006 and 2008, Pierre and Luc, Gilles Merlet’s sons, joined their father in the family business. Pierre looking after the production and Luc the sales and marketing. 


Three of them together, they decided to keep expending their range of spirits, and launched their first cognac in 2010 with the Brothers Blend, followed by five others. In 2016 they started to distill whisky in their distillery with the traditional Charentais pot stills during the period of the year when it is not used for cognac and released their first Coperies Single Malt in 2020.


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