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Redeem a Whisky Pioneer Gifted Subscription

Redeem a Whisky Pioneer Gifted Subscription

£7.95 a month

Congratulations and welcome to Whisky Pioneer. You should have received an email with a gift card code. 

You can either match the amount on your gift card to the subscription time, or if you prefer, you can choose a longer time and pay the difference. 

If you're looking to by a gift card for someone, please click here. 

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I have recieved a gift card, what do I do?


Within the email, you should find a link directly to the length of subscription you've been gifted. Just match this amount and in the checkout add your gift card code to offset the amount

Can I choose a longer duration?

Yes, you can select a longer amount of time if you wish (e.g. 6 month instead of 3 month) and you'll just pay the difference at the checkout

Can I choose a shorter duration?

Unfortunately not sorry. You must use the gift card amount at least the minimum duration purchased.

Why do I have to enter my card details when redeeming a gift?

We need this as part of the regulations to ship alcohol.

Please enter the gift code at checkout and you will see the total due reduce to £0.00.

Which whiskies will I receive?

We are here to help you explore, discover and enjoy great whisky, therefore whilst we focus on single malts, we will also explore the best of world whisky and whiskey.

Our previous deliveries will give you a good idea of the lengths we go to help you find new favourites.

How much do I get?

Our bottles are 6cl, ensuring you get enough for a proper taste and to go back in again.

When will my whisky be sent?

We send out all deliveries on the 10th each month, or by the following Monday when the 10th falls on the weekend.

How long does it take for my whisky to arrive?

We send using Royal Mail 2nd class, which usually takes two to five working days. 

If your whisky hasn’t arrived by the 20th of the month please let us know.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but follow us on social media to be the first to know when we do.

I want to gift someone a subscription, what do I do?

Click here to purchase a gift card. You can schedule the time it is sent, so it will arrive on the right day. They'll then use your gift card to match to the subscription duration you purchased.

Do you offer a full bottle whisky subscription?

Summerton Whisky Club is the only full bottle subscription anyone needs and more.

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