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Casks Used

White Peak Distillery - Wire Works Whisky

Derbyshire, England

Alter Ego



First fill ex-bourbon and STR

The Whisky:-

Alter Ego presents a different personality of Wire Works Whisky. This single malt explores a different side of the many intricacies of whisky-making and whilst different to our previous releases, retains its core Wire Works DNA. Alternate distillation cut points and a different cask selection give this release its own character compared to previous releases of Wire Works single malt whisky. This release retains our key characteristics; approachable, fruit forward and complex, but the overall peat character of the spirit has more presence.

The Distillery:- 

Wire Works Whisky from White Peak Distillery is Derbyshire’s very first single malt. White Peak distillery was founded in 2016 by Max & Claire Vaughan, a local husband and wife team.


Provenance, heritage and flavour are at the heart of the Distillery ethos and whisky-making process, and its home at the dramatic former Johnson & Nephew Wire Works is celebrated within the whisky brand. The Distillery’s woodland home on the banks of the River Derwent has a long history of innovation and forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Wire Works Whisky celebrates its rich homeland and the brewing heritage for which the region is so renowned. Every aspect of production and maturation is done onsite at the Distillery to ensure that the unique location and environment can play their part in the provenance of the final spirit.


The lightly-peated single malt whisky has been created using a combination of English un-peated and peated malted barley. A flavour-focused six-day fermentation (varies across seasons) uses a unique yeast Blend incorporating live yeast sourced from Thornbridge Brewery, a local partner based in the Peak District.


The Distillery’s traditional, bespoke copper pot stills have been hand-built by McMillan and are run slowly to help produce the desired flavour profile. The final spirit is matured in a variety of carefully selected first fill oak casks, including ex-bourbon, virgin oak, STR (re-conditioned casks that have been shaved, toasted and re-charred) and rum, adding the final rich flavours to the whisky.


Wire Works Whisky has been recognised in a number of international awards since launching in early 2022, including:

  • UK Packaging Awards 2022: Best Packaging of a New Product
  • The Global World Whisky Masters 2022: Necessary Evil (Gold), Small Batch (Gold)
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2022: Best Global Contemporary Design
  • People’s Choice Awards 2023: Best Whisky, World Whisky Category (Small Batch)
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2023: Caduro (Gold)

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