Casks Used


Bavaria, Germany

Port Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky



New American Oak and Port

The Whisky:-

SLYRS creates their Bavarian single malt with local barley and alpine water. All their spirit goes into new American oak, where is remains for their Classic single malt. For their cask finish range they take their spirit from these new American oak barrels after at least two and a half years, to spend a minimum of nine months in their finishing casks.


Port is a great example of the Cask Finish range, having spent nine months in Tawny Port barrels, creating a whisky I hope you enjoy.

The Distillery:- 


A real Bavarian with Iro-Scottish roots
The name SLYRS is Gaelic and has Iro-Scottish roots. But SLYRS is Bavarian through and through. Because in the year 779 five monks from Ireland and Scotland founded a monastery in the Bavarian wasteland of Schliersee. Adalung, Hiltupalt, Kerpalt, Antonius and Otakir name this monastery SLYRS, correctly pronounced SCHLIERS.


The monastery SLYRS has given its name to the entire Schliersee region over the centuries - and 1220 years later also a very special Upper Bavarian single malt Whisky.


Pioneer with innovative spirit
It all started with a bet, back in 1994: the trained brewer and master distiller Florian Stetter went on a study trip to Scotland with his master colleagues. He is surprised by the similarities he discovers with his homeland of Upper Bavaria: mountains, clear water and wonderfully pure air.

In addition, there is the sometimes challenging stubbornness of the Scots, which strikes him as very Bavarian, a dialect that is difficult to pronounce and a pronounced tendency towards Free Stateism. Even the Scottish national costume, the kilt, seems just as peculiar to him as the Bavarian lederhosen.

So much Scottish-Bavarian crossover and his visits to the world-famous distilleries in the Speyside region inspire Florian Stetter to envision a single malt from Upper Bavaria Whisky to manufacture. He and his colleagues bet a crate of wheat beer that you can also get first-class beer in Upper Bavaria Whisky can burn – and he wins! A little later, in the parental distillery Lantenhammer Whisky burned. With that she starts SLYRS But first the story.

  • 1928 - Founding of the Lantenhammer distillery by Josef Lantenhammer
  • 1999 - Distillation of our first SLYRS Single Malt Whiskys
  • 2002 - Sale of the first bottles SLYRS Single Malt Whiskys (1600 bottles, sold out in a few days)
  • 2004 - Establishing the SLYRS KG by the two brothers Florian and Anton Stetter
  • 2007 - Construction of SLYRS Whisky Distillery in Neuhaus am Schliersee.
    Expansion of the group of shareholders to include friends of the SLYRS Whiskys.
    Hans Kemenater, with Lantenhammer since 1999, takes over production management SLYRS distillery
  • 2010 - Release of the first SLYRS PX and Oloroso finishes
  • 2014 - construction of SLYRS Altitude camp at 1501 meters at the summit of the stump.
    First major international prize: World Whiskeys Awards as “Best European Whisky under 12 years”
  • 2015 - Sale of our first SLYRS Aged 12 years
  • 2016 - Sale of the first SILD Crannog single malt whisky distilled at SLYRS. 
    Opening of the coffee & lunchery
  • 2019 - Release of the first SLYRS Mountain edition


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